TOSHIBa laptop powers on/off

  Irof 15:22 26 Sep 2018


I have a Toshiba laptop. When I turn on it goes to the first screen (Toshiba latitude) then powers off on its own and back on Keeps doing god on/off on/off Keep pressing F8 to reboot but nothing

Can anyone advise please

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:29 26 Sep 2018

have you got it plugged into the mains adaptor?

are the air vents clear?

  Irof 17:19 26 Sep 2018

YEs have tried it plugged to mains and with just battery.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:35 26 Sep 2018

Remove and refit the hdd and memory modules and retry

  wee eddie 19:44 26 Sep 2018

How old is it?

  Irof 10:29 27 Sep 2018

It’s about 5 years old. Was updated 2 years ago.
Have tried removing. Have tried the holding 0. Tried F8

  wee eddie 11:18 27 Sep 2018

Just a quick idea: Unplug it from the mains > Take the battery out > Turn it on > leave it for a couple of minutes > Then, either put the battery back or plug it into the mains > Turn it on again.

  backchairsdirect 11:41 27 Sep 2018

Useful information.

  Irof 14:24 27 Sep 2018

Thanks wee Eddie tried that. Still the same It only allows me to press F12 to go into bios mode. But don’t know what to do once in there.

Fruit bat- tried your idea also and nothing

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:06 27 Sep 2018

Windows 7 or 10?

If it gets to BIOS can you see if it is detecting the HDD?

  Irof 16:29 27 Sep 2018

How do I do this

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