Toshiba Laptop Flicker (Major!!)

  SDJ 19:39 21 Oct 2004

Just brought laptop home, put it on table, booted up whilst I started dinner, turned around to see the screen flicker as though there was interference.

It wasnt plugged into the mains at all.
Worked about five minutes ago before I got home.

The whole screen moves up and down, I get black shapes all over, seems to get better if i push screen all way back but then starts again.

Anyone have any ideas?


  Diodorus Siculus 20:15 21 Oct 2004

What happens in safe-mode?

  SDJ 20:25 21 Oct 2004

it happens during boot as well.
It seems to have calmed down a little but I cant tell if it is still doing it or if its my eyes!!

The weird thing is, we had a power cut, it wasnt plugged in so I dont think that had anything to do with it. But I wonder if maybe the house earth isnt what it should be. Again maybe nothing to do with it but its one hell of a coincidence!

It really seems like interference, as I tried to uninstall and reinstall the display drivers and various re-boots.

Could it be static? as I say its getting better, the worst thing is isnt mine and I want to make sure when it gets back to its owner it doesnt startup again cos a £1200 laptop isnt in my budget right now!!


  Mr Mistoffelees 20:35 21 Oct 2004

Seems to me that it could be a problem with the ribbon cable that connects the screen to the motherboard. The connector may be loose or the cable maybe damaged.

  SDJ 20:59 21 Oct 2004

I think if that is the case, it can go back to shop as its only three months old.


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