toshiba laptop dead or dying

  highbhoy 23:53 28 Feb 2006

toshiba laptop is dying . its infected by something and wont react to anything i do to it. ive tried the recovery disks but nothing works. its running xp and i dont have any of the drivers for it. i was considering fdisking a nd formatting a nd reinstalling xp .

any help appreciated

  De Marcus™ 23:55 28 Feb 2006

Make and model?

Will it start in safe mode (tapping f8 whilst booting)?

  highbhoy 07:33 01 Mar 2006

toshiba ea60-155 equium. wont do anything at start up and i mean anything no screen movement at all

  xania 08:58 01 Mar 2006

Any beeps - does it POST?

  highbhoy 10:06 01 Mar 2006

no absolutely nothing. i need to boot it from a start up cd i think

  xania 17:00 01 Mar 2006

If there are no beeps, then don't bother. Either the battery is dead, or the motherboard is dead. Have you tried booting it up with the charger connected?

  highbhoy 17:54 01 Mar 2006

the only sign of life is the power led is on and the fan is running no hard disk lights

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:54 01 Mar 2006

Remove battery and start on mains only.

Any signs of life?

  ruskle 19:43 01 Mar 2006

I posted this a while ago, it may be of interest to you.

Fri, 03/02/[email protected]:54

A similar problem a few years ago happened to me with a Toshiba and PC world told me it wanted a new mother board (£750) another dealer comfirmed this (£725) I put it to one side and after a while decided to poke around, nothing lost, I put the battery on and the power supply in and poked till I noticed a small spark from around the voltage regulator. A quick press and it worked, I put a drop of super glue on the joint and tested it for a week, it was OK so I sold it to a friend for £450 and she has used it for 2 years with no problems.. Moral to my story. never trust the big boys. BUT not all stories have a happy ending.


  highbhoy 11:00 02 Mar 2006

apologies for the delay in replying snowbound in the highlands with powercuts. tried to boot up into safe mode but get error message:

windows could not start because the file is missing or corrupt

sounds major and cant move from that point. i dont have the original setup cd only recovery disk which does nothing

  Gongoozler 11:21 02 Mar 2006

Your cheapest solution may be to buy a new copy of Windows.

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