Toshiba laptop can't upgrade Win 10 1709

  GertrudeLouise 10:29 19 Mar 2018

Toshiba L650 originally running Win 7, compatible with free upgrade to Win 10. No problems as far as build 10240, but 1709 automatically downloaded and failed to install several times. I stopped this by registering my connection as metered (it isn't). Toshiba's web page does not list my model as compatible with later upgrades of Windows 10, they weren't interested in helping me or explaining why. Today I get a message from MS stating that my version of Windows will no longer be supported. Am I supposed to get a new computer? GertrudeLouise

  Bris 11:28 19 Mar 2018

Windows lifecycle info... click here.

I take it you have rolled back to W7 in which case you will continue to receive security updates until Jan 2020 provided you are on service pack 1, so no you dont have to buy a new PC for a couple of years.

  GertrudeLouise 14:49 19 Mar 2018

I did not roll back to Win 7 as my machine had no trouble with automatic updates until 1703 I think, by which time the free roll back was long expired. I could get someone to re install Win 7 I suppose. GertrudeLouise

  beeuuem~2 15:50 19 Mar 2018

Could you give any details of what happens when the 1709 installation fails? I too had a problem with this update which I overcame by downloading the update and running it manually.

  Forum Editor 16:14 19 Mar 2018

Your machine is getting on for eight years old, and the Windows 10 problem will almost certainly be related to its processor version. If that is the case, there is not much you can do about it.

You can certainly reinstall Windows 7 service pack 1, but mainstream support ended, back in 2015, although security fixes will continue to be released for another couple of years, ending on 9th January 2020.

Windows 8.1 mainstream support ended in January of this year, and it will get security updates until 2023.

There's no panic, but to be honest your computer isn't going to be up to the job by 2020, let alone 2023, and my advice is that you start thinking about buying a new one. You'll certainly notice big improvements when you take the plunge.

  GertrudeLouise 10:39 20 Mar 2018

Thank you for your advice GertrudeLouise

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