Toshiba Laptop A300-1MP upgrade options.

  bda72 07:14 08 Apr 2015

After breaking my favourite ever laptop I made the mistake of just buying a new one, I then discovered Windows 8 which I hated so I gave that away to my girlfriend so at least I got some brownie points. I then bought a second hand Toshiba satellite Pro L550-19T running Windows 7 which works away fine but it's a bit cumbersome, the sound is rubbish and I just don't like it. That's the "why" out the way, now I have just bought an old Toshiba A300-1MP which is almost identical to my old one but I would like to boost the performance as much as is reasonably possible. It has the Intel GM45 Express Chipset with an Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 processor, from what I have read the chipset will take up to a T9900 processor. Will it be the BIOS or the chipset that is the limiting factor on a cpu upgrade assuming heating issues are not a factor? That's my main concern, the old damaged A300 will still boot so I may install in that first to test my eventual choice of cpu other than that I'm planning to max out the memory and install a solid state HDD. Any advice would be really appreciated, I've been out of the loop so to speak on building and upgrading computers for the past few years and just repairing what's gone wrong. Thanks in advance for any advice.


  SparkyJack 08:51 08 Apr 2015

Barry. The short answer is 'Laptops don't up grade

Hdd's can be swapped for a bigger one' add more more memory perhaps. But that s it.

Even changing to a SSHD may not be feasable

You risk spending money on unsuitable bits and pieces Far better to buy a machinecro suit your needs.

Another way to kook at the problem is to change operating/systems W8 is very heavey for older machines consider looking at Linux Ubuntu or Mint both very Windows like in use' They can be run from a 'live'CD' to try and it is all FREE to download including software

  bda72 12:07 08 Apr 2015

Thanks for the reply, I know laptops are much more limited in options but I do know in this case it has been done before. I have details on how to dismantle it and the process someone else went through and they were impressed with the increase in performance. Software wise I'm happy with Windows 7 which it can already run easily, I will pull all my teeth, pluck my nails then shoot myself before installing Windows 8. Really just need to know if anybody has any information as to how big a step I can make from the current T5800 cpu, I can pick up a second hand cpu cheaply and I will install it in my old machine with the burst chassis first so if it is an epic fail the worse case scenario is a loss of £30 or so and I can't use a laptop I wasn't using anyway. The A300 is near perfect for most of my needs, just a little more power would be nice for the few times I require it.

Thanks again.


  robin_x 12:42 08 Apr 2015

In my mind £3 is worth a punt but not £30.

1">[click here

Don't forget thermal paste if you do get something.

SSD will make most difference.

Windows 10 Tech Preview is already out and is much nicer than W8/8.1.

Classic Shell Free works well to make 8/8.1 more friendly anyway.

Full release later is this year and is likey to be free for W7 and 8/8.1 users.

  bda72 16:37 08 Apr 2015

Interesting reading, not as big a jump as you would expect, I will bang in an SSD first anyway and memory and see how it goes. I can always play around with the burst one and see what an upgrade does further down the line if I pick up a cheap cpu. Just need to make sure I don't slam this one into the floor like the last time, very embarrassing way to trash a laptop.

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