Toshiba laptop

  Tulips 21:24 24 Nov 2007

After it's fully charged the battery only lasts for about an hour, is this normal?

  pj1664 22:18 24 Nov 2007

No it looks like your bettery is deplating and not holding its charge, its usually an indication of a need for a new bettery. Your bettery cells are dying.

  pj1664 22:23 24 Nov 2007

My sons windows 98 seems to have lost its ability tp play sound. I have installed the pci sound card and drivers that came with it but under controll panel/multimedia the audio sound card is grayed off as if there is no sound card. Device manager indicated that all sound card are ready to go, no exclamation marks there, so whats happend here, am I missing something? I used to win xp now and have actually forgotton what else is reqiires aor to look for. Its a C-Media card.

  pj1664 22:25 24 Nov 2007

Sorry Tulips, I accidently posted my question in your tread, please ignor "win 98 no sound" Sorry.

  woodchip 23:37 24 Nov 2007

If the Laptop is fairly new, It may just be a low power Battery or if the Laptop is only a Cheap Tosh it may have a Desktop CPU in it, they run faster cost less but run the battery down fast

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