Toshiba A500 Keyboard

  AndyB2174! 12:17 17 Jul 2014

Hi all,

I have a Toshiba A500-17x which has gave me no real problems until now. A few months ago i realised the fan had died but when i looked at it, it was only clogged with dust and dog hairs!! The bottom of the case had become brittle and cracked due to the heat when the fan wasn't working. I bought a new base and everything went back together fine until i tried to use the letter P, Spacebar and -, ;,/ and number 0 keys!? I'm currently using the 'on screen' keyboard which is a pain in the wotsit!

I removed the keyboard(several times!) and reseated it but it didn't work. The father-in-law has the same laptop but his keyboard didnt work either but mine did in his! I un then re-installed the drivers but could it be a hairline crack on the motherboard from the heat?

I've ran out of options and hope someone can help out there? Here's hoping!!

Many thanks for reading


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:50 18 Jul 2014

The bottom of the case had become brittle and cracked due to the heat

could it be a hairline crack on the motherboard from the heat?

don't think so as I know someone you actually melted the bottom of a laptop by leaving on a hotplate. the laptop continued to work fine but the case was a mess :0)

As you have swapped keyboards and updated drivers not sure now - is the keyboard cable separate or comes with the board?

  alanrwood 10:32 18 Jul 2014


Sorry to take issue but a dry joint on the M/B seems to be the best option. Just because a particular laptop survived immolation does not mean that all will do so. The cracking of the case would indicate that the overheating took place over a long period of time in comparison to your example so it is quite possible for a solder joint to become dry with prolonged heating and cooling causing expansion and contraction in a very local area

You are quite correct to advise to check the cable but unlikely to be at fault as if it were faulty and fixed in the laptop it would have shown when the new KB was fitted and if it was fixed to the K/B it would have shown when it was connected to the other laptop. More likely to be poor alignment of contacts although this is also improbable.

My 95% guess is that it is one of the K/B matrix connections that has a faulty solder joint or hairline crack preventing the K/B decoding taking place correctly. Remove the M/B and look at the area round the overheated part under a magnifying glass and see if something shows if the board is flexed. An alternative is to resolder around that area but it needs a very careful hand and exam with magnifying glass afterwards. Even this might mot work as the M/B is most likely a multi layer board and the problem is on one of the internal non surface layers. If that is the case the M/B is junk unless a USB K/B is used which is probably the safest option as soldering could itself cause more problems.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:40 18 Jul 2014

If board is faulty the a cheap USB keyboard or bluerooth ketboaed may make the laptop easier to use.

  AndyB2174! 00:07 29 Jul 2014

Thanks for your input :) Looked at the MB but there's nothing obvious to see as suspected! Found a bust A500-17x on Ebay so just waiting for the answers to see if its worth getting. More to follow................

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