Toshba Laptop White Screen

  jimforrest 22:44 17 Apr 2013

I have an old Toshiba Equium A200 laptop and it is used for games by my stepson but recently the screen goes completely white after using it for a while. (It's a WXGA screen and I've looked for a solution to this problem and most suggest changing the LCD screen). Now I have a couple of old Dell laptops with good screens - are all LCD screens interchangeable or are they specific to a manufacturer? Or does anyone know a fix for the white screen issue (because I'm not convinced that it is the screen)?

  onthelimit1 22:47 17 Apr 2013

Screens are specific to type. I've had problems with white screens on Samsung netbooks - in each case, the video ribbon was at fault. You could try reseating the video cable at each end - it may help

  jimforrest 18:33 18 Apr 2013

Thanks onthelimit. I have connected an external monitor and that works fine suggesting the Tosh screen is faulty. without the external monitor the screen now doesn't go white - the top 12mm is absolutely perfect and the rest is covered in fine vertical white lines - so it's only just usable. This means that I have several options - new LCD screen, an external monitor, or connect it to a TV. If I connect it to a TV there only seems to be the external monitor connector available. Will a serial connector to scart lead do the job (including send sound to the TV?)

  jimforrest 19:31 18 Apr 2013

Now I'm confused - when the laptop goes onto the screensaver it's perfect! No lines etc. So is it the screen? I have run an anti-virus and it's all clear.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:34 18 Apr 2013

Will a serial connector to scart lead do the job (including send sound to the TV?)

No these leads you see advertised are useless most of the time

What connections do you have on TV? assume only external VGA on laptop?

sound is usually done through a 3.5 jack from head phone socket on laptop to jack / phono connection on TV, depending again on connection for audio in on tv

  jimforrest 22:53 18 Apr 2013

I am trying to remove the screen so that I can give the part No to the supplier but the bezel around it won't quite release. I've got it free from all 3 sides but across the hinge section (bottom) it seems to wrap round the hinges and won't come out. Any ideas? (I really don't want to split the base section).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:11 18 Apr 2013

Removing the bezel always seem to be the hardest part of changing a screen have done a few now.


One forum says Philips screw driver, flat blade knife and a lot of bravery

instructions here

  onthelimit1 08:51 19 Apr 2013

Yes, some of the clips are quite stiff - I use a flat bladed plastic tool to do the job. With the symptoms you have, still worth reseating the ribbon cable, both ends, before changing the LCD screen.

  jimforrest 22:22 20 Apr 2013

You are correct onthelimit re trying to reseat the cables. So I followed the Youtube instructions - but although it says it's an Equium Laptop, it isn't. The bezel around my screen is different - as are the hinges. I will work that out - but I'm stumped on the ribbon cables. In order to release the bezel the bottom casing has to be split. I've done that but removing it requires the disconnection of several ribbon cables. One had little 'fingers' that pulled out and released the cable, but the others have a dark piece of plastic that sits across the ribbon where it plugs into the board. I've pushed, slid, prised, and pulled - but to no effect. I daren't just pull the ribbons out, so how do they release?

  onthelimit1 09:30 21 Apr 2013

Those 'dark bit of plastic' are clamps that secure the ribbon in place. They will flick up if you use your finger nail on the ribbon side of them.

There is another sort which push in each side of the ribbon - they can be released by easing them away from the connector towards the ribbon.

This is the first type.

  jimforrest 21:40 23 Apr 2013

This is becoming farcical guys - I had to totally strip the screen and base of the laptop to get the screen out. Done all that, replacement screen in place, now reassembling. BUT - I took the Simms out in case a body screw was underneath (it wasn't) but now the little cages that the Simms slot into are folded back flat against the motherboard (normal position), and I can't for the life of me get them to come up the 30 degrees necessary to allow the Simms back in! What's holding them in the down position? The little 'wings' on the sides hold the Simm (when it's in place) and don't seem to release the whole assembly to let it flip up. Someone knows ...........

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