Tosh XP Laptop Touch Pad

  David4637 18:52 31 May 2005

When I move my finger on the touch pad particularly down the Right hand side it brings up a MS Switch Window - about (4"x4")which shows a number of the Desktop icons, such that you can click on one of them to boot up a new application.
This is annoying particularly when using Photoshop to trace around images. I have taken out the margins selection on the touch pad S/W so it should not occur, but it does. Any ideas as to how to switch this window off.Thanks David

  howard60 20:48 31 May 2005

have you tried installing an ordinary mouse - this sometimes switches off the touchpad.

  David4637 14:07 01 Jun 2005

Thanks for your suggestion Howard, but connecting up a mouse defeats the object of a laptop because you need a flat surface for the mouse to run on. Does any get this window to come up on their Tosh laptop? Any other ideas? Thanks David

  jack 14:23 01 Jun 2005

I would imagine a Touchpad is a little 'crude' for fine work, as you have discovered with unwanted icon,etc.

If a regular mouse is not prectical or to your liking, think about a trackball or tablet to give fine control.

  brambles 21:21 01 Jun 2005

Thanks David4637 I just couldn't understand what was going on when it occurred on my daughters Toshiba. We were using the mouse at the time but I think she caught the touchpad as well.


  Slithe 10:15 02 Jun 2005

Hi - I hope this can help you...

I have a TOSHIBA Laptop running XP also and I have the same problem when I touch any corner of my touch pad.

If I recall, this is something to do with pre-installed TOSHIBA software and can be turned off.

Look at the icons near the clock in the bottom right side of the Task-Tray, if you hover over each icon Windows will give you a description of what the icon is.

There is one, well it is on mine, that resembles a rectangle with the four corners illuminated. The text says something like TOSHIBA Touch Pad

I can't remember the exact wording... you'll know it when you see it. Don't actually have the laptop with me at present.

  David4637 15:08 02 Jun 2005

Thanks for all your help. I eventually managed to select a button (its difficult to click on it, because it disappears quickly) on this Switch Window box to switch it off. As Slithe says I think its a Tosh S/W extra, in my case something I can do with out. Thanks fellows David

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