Tosh Hard Disc

  laurie53 20:38 02 Jan 2009

My Tosh Satellite has just packed up showing "Built In HDD Failure"

Various installation and recovery discs tried but none can find a hard disc, nor does the hdd light come on.

I know that laptops are notoriously difficult, but anything I can try apart from a new hard disc (which of course may not work if the power supply has packed up.)?

  Technotiger 20:55 02 Jan 2009

If you can put the hard disk into a USB enclosure and have a look at it on another PC, you might be in a better position to make a decision. Though it does look as if the drive has died.

If it were not for the message shown, then I would have suspected Power Supply failure.

  chub_tor 22:07 02 Jan 2009

I have a Toshiba Satellite P100 and upgraded the hard drive a few months back. They are very easy to get out and back in. Take a look at this click here(Toshiba%20Universal).pdf

  chub_tor 22:46 02 Jan 2009

OK that's not a good link, try this one click here

  woodchip 22:49 02 Jan 2009

First just try removing the Drive then refit it

  woodchip 22:52 02 Jan 2009

PS I had to do that with one of my Laptop Batteries only yesterday it chowed it was charging on mains but did not know how much charge was ion it. After Removing and Refitting it Worked as it should, showing how much was in the battery when on mains charge

  laurie53 06:50 03 Jan 2009

Thanks for the responses.

Tried remove and refit, and am going to try an enclosure next, they seem to be fairly cheap.

Not yet sure what interface I need, particularly number of pins.

  Technotiger 08:17 03 Jan 2009

One of these would do it ... click here they connect to a USB port.

  laurie53 12:46 03 Jan 2009

Thanks. I'll give it a try on Monday, and update the post.

  laurie53 19:54 05 Jan 2009


Hard disc replaced. Fault still present.

Original hard disc slaved to another computer and was readable and usable.

Fault is obviously in the computer itself and will probably be expensive to fix.

  laurie53 12:50 10 Jan 2009

Final update just for info.

Fault is a hdd controller failure in the mobo.

As suspected, expensive to fix, too expensive with the current cost of a new laptop.

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