Tosh Equium Driver Install

  jimforrest 18:58 29 Dec 2011

Hi chaps - I have a spare Toshiba Equium A200 laptop and it had Vista on it. I got sick of Vista on it so I installed XP Prof. The only trouble is none of the aux bits work (Touchpad - Wireless etc) so I went onto the Tosh Support site and found 36 drivers are required. The only trouble is that each driver must be downloaded separately (!) and they are all .zip files. To make it worse I can download straight onto the Equium until some of the drivers are installed! So I'm downloading each one onto another laptop - but what do I do with them then? I can put them on a stick or a CD. Do I then run each driver? There must be an easier way of doing this - any good ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:11 29 Dec 2011

Once you have the LAN driver or wireless card driver copied over by USB and installed then you can download the rest straight onto the Tosh

  jimforrest 22:32 29 Dec 2011

Great idea .... but ..... I downloaded the touchpad and wireless adaptor drivers and ran them on the Tosh. The Touchpad now works fine. But the wireless adaptor recognises the wireless network, has the right WEP key in it, and yet refuses to connect! I've been through the Network Wizard jobbies etc all to no avail. What's really annoying is that it keeps telling me that a network is available but it won't connect (and doesn't say why). Have I missed something?

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