Furkin 09:52 20 Nov 2010

ACER T120 WIRED DESKTOP. XPpro - sp3 - IE8 - 2Gb (max) RAM

I tried to download a movie the other day. After 19 hours the finished product just had black screen & no audio. The file size was 800k so I guess it did contain something.

Be that as it may, I was looking for a faster download site and came across a forum talking about speeding up ones router, by making sure that the port figure was correct.
As this was in 2005, I was wondering if the info is likely to be the same,,,, or moved on somewhat since then. I have a BT HomeHub 2.0.

Please feel free to mention Faster free download sites.


  Furkin 10:20 20 Nov 2010

Thanks for the heads up.
I've never downloaded a movie before, and to be truthful, I assumed - in my naivety - that as there are so many openly download sites about, that it was now o.k. No excuse.


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