pcdaley21 20:33 31 Mar 2007

I know this is probably not the best place to post this but I was told about the whole torent thing and me and my buddy are only getting download speeds of max 8kb/s so its taking weeks to download something while the fella who told me about it all gets 100kb/s...


  MAJ 20:47 31 Mar 2007

Don't think we are allowed to dicuss torrents on here, pcdaley21, but no he wasn't pulling you leg. Torrents aside and on a completely different matter, what sort/speed of connection do you have?

  Legolas 21:17 31 Mar 2007

why would we not be allowed to discuss torrents I just downloaded the latest open office sofware from their site and they give a torrent as one of the methods of d/loading this free software. Torrents are used by many as a legitimate way of putting their free software onto the internet. If others use it for fmeans that thhere,s not much the average user can do about it but torrents are not illegal.

  Legolas 21:18 31 Mar 2007

sorry that seemed to get messed up

  bennyhillslovechild 21:22 31 Mar 2007

There could be a number of reasons why your download speeds are slower than someone else's pcdaley21. It could be incorrectly configured port forwarding, a lack of seeds for that torrent or your ISP may be throttling down certain types of net traffic. Very difficult to say for certain.

  MAJ 22:25 31 Mar 2007

I got that impression when reading about a deleted thread on the subject, th'other day, Legolas. In a follow up thread asking why the thread was deleted, FE posted a response saying that everyone knew what torrents were really used for. The excuse of downloading legit software didn't seem to cut any ice with him.

  pcdaley21 22:48 31 Mar 2007

Cheers for the replys, i'm BTbroadabnd 8MB and not being a computer wizz could not comment on wether the settings needin changed - shame though as the legit sofware i'm trying to download won't be finished for another 28 days...

  MAJ 23:06 31 Mar 2007

Can't it be downloaded elsewhere? Which software are you trying to download?

  Forum Editor 23:09 31 Mar 2007

I said it because it's true. The use of Torrents for downloading files is perfectly legal, unless the files are copyright protected, and you don't have a licence to download and/or distribute them.

The vast majority of Torrent downloads are illegal files, which is why we don't want to advise on Torrent problems.

  MAJ 23:17 31 Mar 2007

I don't disagree with that FE, indeed, how could anyone disagree with it.

"The vast majority of Torrent downloads are illegal files, which is why we don't want to advise on Torrent problems."

Hence my reply to pcdaley21's post. It's an argument that's been done to death on a few help forums that I'm a member of, this one included.

  Diversion 02:31 01 Apr 2007

I get downloads in excess of 500kb/ps. But I download foreign films that are not obtainable in this country. And private amateur films that people put up for downloading as torrents about UFO’s and there propulsion systems, like documentaries.

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