Robotic_Rob 14:46 07 Feb 2005

Hey, for some reason when i leave my pc on to download some torrents it downloads up to a certain point and then the downloads just freeze. Does anyone have a clue whats happening here?



  Robotic_Rob 17:57 07 Feb 2005

I have ABC (Another Bit torrent Client). Freeze as in its downloading just fine and then all of a sudden it just stops downloading. But it still looks like its downloading as the speeds,percentage and eta times are still shown. But they dont alter at all. But i know it has stopped as i have checked the total in and out speeds of the internet from my machine. And it only transmits and never recieves out.(I dont have anything else open at this time)

No error messages are shown as if it freezes i have to end task the bugger as its really slow at respondin, if it responds at all.

  Robotic_Rob 17:01 11 Feb 2005

Cheers, ive noticed that has gone down. which was my favourite. im gonna try that bit comet n c what its like.

  Robotic_Rob 17:52 11 Feb 2005

The thing is that they cant stop us from doing this as they is way to many people doing it. So it will be just too dificult to stop everyone from doing it.

  AngeTheHippy 17:52 11 Feb 2005

yeah scarey aint it... I'm gonna pleed insanity myself....8D 8D

  AngeTheHippy 19:20 11 Feb 2005

bally turncoat....

  AngeTheHippy 22:04 11 Feb 2005

no squabblin' ... lighten up, Salinger, it's FRIDAY!!!!!


  Robotic_Rob 02:35 12 Feb 2005

Lol, they going to take some one to court for downloading 10 songs. I think not.

  Forum Editor 09:23 12 Feb 2005

Downloading copyright-protected files is an illegal activity, and whether or not you end up in court isn't the point.

Lots of people drive without car tax or insurance or MOT certificates; most of them don't end up in court, but that doesn't mean it's OK to do it, or that it is any the less an offence.

It's time some people started to understand what it means to be responsible members of society.

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