britto 22:02 30 May 2003

My cousin has just recently been warned of a trojan horse on her computer Norton Anti Virus has put it into a dormant file but says that there is nothing that it would be able to do I'v downloaded "The Cleaner 3.5" recommended on a diferet message and its now scanning as it specialises in trojan viruses.I hav no ideas on viruses so can any1 help plz!! In simple language as i havn't got a clue!!

  Terrahawk 22:09 30 May 2003

norton should have put it into quarantine it should be safe their and unable to do its dirty work look for quarentine in norton from there you should be able to safley delete the file

good luck

  britto 22:20 30 May 2003

No it said that it could not put it into quarentine and said that it had put it into a safe file.But a window keeps popping up saying..

Object name: C:/Wimdow/Sbnet/ShowBehind.exe.
Virus name: Trojan Horse
Acion Taken: Unable 2 repair this file

It has an ok box at the bottom but wen i klik it it dosn't dissappear it jus flikkers and reappears also the X in the top right corner will not work. I looked in the Quarentine files on Norton and it says 0

N E Ideas?

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