The Torch is Still Searching!

  Graphicool1 16:15 10 Feb 2009


Every time I click on 'Control Panel' the torch is there, sweeping to & fro' searching for those hiding Icons!

If I click on 'Add Remove Programs' even though I have to wait an eon for the icons to appear, no torch. It's never any where else but 'Control Panel',

Why! and how can I get rid of it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:28 10 Feb 2009

Torch instead of files appearing?

According to Microsoft, this behavior can occur when you open the Edit File Type dialog box for the Drive or File Folder registered file types.

Open a command prompt and typing the following:

regsvr32 /i shell32.dll

press enter, close command prompt.


Microsoft acknowledges that this is a problem in Knowledge Base article #321379 and offers the following fix:

1. Start Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe).
2. Locate and then click the Default value under the following keys in the registry if this problem occurs with folders:
If this problem occurs with drives:
3. Click Modify on the Edit menu.
4. Type none in the Value data box, and then click OK.
5. Quit Registry Editor.

  Graphicool1 16:53 10 Feb 2009

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\ it goes from bad to worse. I just did this one 'regsvr32 /i shell32.dll' the torch is nolonger evident in 'Control Panel' however it now when I click 'My Computer'

What do you do when you've answered a 'thread' and they start replying via email? I've not responded as yet.

  Pineman100 18:36 10 Feb 2009

I ask them not to do it, and explain that it's important for everyone to be able to see the progress of a thread.

Sorry - can't help with your main problem.

  provider 2 22:33 10 Feb 2009

Graphicool 1,

The e-mails you refer to may be arriving via Google search, rather than from PC Advisor site readers.

As you can see there is an invitation to e-mail in same instances click here

How this can be changed other than by a change to the PC Advisor page itself, I`m not quite sure.

  woodchip 22:41 10 Feb 2009

It does take time for it to populate items both in Control Panel and Add Remove as it checks the Full Disc to see if anything is missing

  lotvic 23:53 10 Feb 2009

re the emails, Don't email them back to ask them not to email you as they will then have your direct email address.

If they have 'Yellow enveloped' you from this site they will NOT have your direct email address.

Post on the thread concerned to ask them not to 'Yellow envelope' email you - tell them that is only for if you post on thread inviting them to use that way - as per Forum Rules.

  tullie 06:59 11 Feb 2009

Regarding your email.Have you got your thread ticked to say that you want to receive notifications when someone answersd?Maybe thats what you are getting?

  Graphicool1 09:41 11 Feb 2009

Hi All Thanks for your replies, I'll deal with each one in order...

Fruit Bat /\0/\ - As I reported yesterday...I did as you suggested re 'regsvr32 /i shell32.dll' and at the time the oucome was as I said. The torch was nolonger evident in 'Control Panel' however it was there when I clicked on 'My Computer'.
Well since then I've turned the PC off last night and on again this morning. Now, Im sad to say I have two counts of the torch...(1) when I click 'My Computer' followed by another - as before - 'Control Panel'.
As for your suggestion...(2) I did that some time ago, even so I checked again, it's still set to 'none'. You didn't mean I should put '0'?.

Pineman100 - Thanks for you input.

provider 2 - Hi no they are definately from the 'Helproom'.

woodchip - Thanx for that, however it doesn't explain it's appearance at 'My Computer' or non appearance at 'Add Remove Programs'?

lotvic - Thank you for that info, I wasn't
aware they didn't have my actual email address. It's nice to know PC Advisor have built in some safeguards to try and protect us.

tullie - Yes to your question. However it doesn't work like that. When you start a thread and tick the notification box, the notification comes from the PC Advisor Admin. Letting you know someone has responded to your thread, their user nare and time of posting. In any case the emails I received were not in regards to this thread, but in direct response to a response I made on someone elses thread. Although you suggestion regarding ticking boxes, did throw up one thought. I wondered if perhaps I'd ticked something in my details, but I hadn't.

So, thank you everyone, I think I now have the email situation sorted. I just need some clarity on the real reason for this thread...

  Graphicool1 10:33 11 Feb 2009

Hi all this is by way of an update on the email issue and the way I eventually dealt with it...

Keep it in the 'Forum'

I consider unsolicited emails as an invasion of my privacy. Please refrain from this method of contact, unless I personally request it.

Thank You

I'm going to keep the above in case I have need for it in the future. If anyone else should feel the need to use it, please feel free.


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