Off Topic help (Spiders)

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I hope FE doesn't get annoyed that I'm off topic, but can anyone help me in trying to identitfy this spider, either with a website for such things or with a picture. I have it in my garden and it's about 1½"-2" in size, it's web is about 2½'-3' in diameter. It's only curiousity on my part.

click here

click here

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This belongs in the Web Design Forum

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. please .

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Here it is

click here

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Unless you don't live in Australia...

  [DELETED] 11:58 17 Sep 2003

True spiders (Araneae) represent by far the largest Order of the arachnids with about 35,000 species known worldwide. All are carnivorous predators with powerful fangs, called chelicerae, which are used to bite and crush the prey, and to inject venom. The chelicerae are attached to the front of the cephalothorax between the palps. The prey of spiders largely consists of insects and other arthropods (including other spiders), but some of the large, tropical species will also attack small frogs, lizards and even birds. Many of the spiders found commonly in farmland and gardens, particularly the so called money spiders (members of the family Linyphiidae) and wolf spiders (members of the family Lycosidae), are considered beneficial natural enemies, since they often prey on aphids, leafhoppers, gall midges, stem- and root-boring flies, cutworm moths and other undesirable insect pests of crop and garden plants.

  [DELETED] 12:07 17 Sep 2003

Its a common garden spider foind in huge numbers at this tiome of year. Somw can grow very big. I did see on once that was at least 2" long and its web was about 8 foot wide.

Perhaps a resolved tick would be in order.


  [DELETED] 12:08 17 Sep 2003

Sorry about the spelling mistakes!!

  Andsome 12:15 17 Sep 2003


I'm scared stiff of spiders

  [DELETED] 12:17 17 Sep 2003

good photies, what camera did u use?

  mammak 12:29 17 Sep 2003

Oooh yuk, am with Andsome on this.

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