Top Music Speakers For Under £100

  boyo123boyo 16:31 24 Apr 2017

I'm looking for a set of speakers for listening to music on. I'd like to spend a max of £100 and I'd like them to have good range and good bass. I need them to have a single audio input.

Anyone know of anything that fits this description?

  Archonar 21:32 24 Apr 2017

I don't have any specific recommendations but here are some pages that might point you in the right direction: click here, click here and click here

  bumpkin 21:32 24 Apr 2017

I use "Creative" speakers which I find good. Mine were less than £100. If you google "Creative speakers" there is a whole range available, many within your budget.

  wee eddie 01:07 25 Apr 2017

To be honest with you. If you are playing Music through your PC, the music storage format are so lossy that anything other than the basic 2.1 Speaker Setup is going to do you OK.

I wouldn't bother to spend more than between £50 and £70 on a 2.1. System and you'll actually do OK with £35.

Bragging Rights aside, that is!

  mole44 05:03 25 Apr 2017

wee eddie is correct i do music editing and my speakers and software cost a kings ransom,have you thought of headphones

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