Top 1/4 of monitor slightly blurred.

  munekun 04:08 20 Dec 2014

This may be incorrect but, I am using a crt monitor that is SLIGHTLY effected when an appliance is turned on heater/washer/dryer [not far from my room at all][jitters/shakes while they are on slightly] the only real fault with the monitor is the top 1/4th of the monitor is blurred.. but i noticed it's not blurred in 800x600 mode. I took a screenshot just of my browser and when i scroll down to the part that appears blurry in real use [aka the top of the browser/monitor screen] it is not blurry when it's viewed outside of the top section of the monitor, does this rule out it being a gpu issue?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:30 20 Dec 2014

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