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  jz 22:36 07 Jul 2003

Up until about 2 years ago, a second or so after placing your mouse cursor over a message on this forum, a tooltip would appear showing the first few lines of the message. This was great - you could quickly decide whether you wanted to click on the message if you wanted to read it in full.

These tooltips aren't there anymore (at least they don't show up on my PC). As well as being useful and speeding up the use of this forum, I would have thought that they would reduce the transfer rate for PCA, thus reducing their costs. Why aren't they there anymore?

  Sir Radfordin 23:37 07 Jul 2003

"Up until about 2 years ago"

You serious? 2 years ago this site wasn't worth talking about I'm surprised if anyone can recognise it as the same thing...

...though have to agree its an intersting idea, but do think it would perhaps slow the site down a fair bit.

  VoG II 23:41 07 Jul 2003

They are still there if you hover over a "click here".

  Forum Editor 23:57 07 Jul 2003

you refer to were indeed there a couple of years ago but the database was a good bit smaller then.

Now, if we were to reinstate the tooltips we would be inundated with "why is the site running so slowly?" type threads. Each time you hovered over a thread title the site would have to go to the database and retrieve the text. Imagine that happening a few hundred times a minute and you have some idea of the extra load that would be imposed on the server.

  jz 18:23 08 Jul 2003

I didn't realise that they were downloaded "on demand" - I assumed that they were sent with the page (in the same way that Alt Text appears when you place your mouse cursor over a website picture).

Thanks for the comments - resolved tick coming about to be clicked...

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