tools on IE toolbar - how do I do this??

  laptopdunce 09:02 29 Nov 2012

I am using IE with a yahoo home page on my laptop but there is only a single bar at the top of the page with my "custom apps" for the icons of various websites I visit frequently, there isnt another bar underneath with the "tools" and things on it where I can "save as" a webpage or document in "edit" or any of the tools, my question is: how do I bring down that extra bar with the various tools, edit etc., icons on it? there doesnt seem to be a little arrow on the top bar to pull down another bar with icons on it, I am having to use google chrome to open up a "save as" option in "tools", thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 15:46 29 Nov 2012

Oh, WOW, youre a wizard, it did it with the ALT key, couldnt right click on the bar at the top but Alt brought up that menu with the menu bar at the top which I clicked and now the tools and edit/view etc icons are appearing, thanks alot!! LAPTOPDUNCE I have a little problem with yahoo not opening my inbox or other options, should I submit another question about this? it only does it on 1 yahoo address, all the others are OK, but this one wont open the mailbox and I have to use google chrome to get it to open. thanks

  laptopdunce 12:24 30 Nov 2012

Ok i will post another post about the yahoo problem, I am using IE with yahoo as the homepage and when I go into yahoo from there I can get into my yahoo email address OK but I cant get the inbox to open, it gives a litle "loading....." icon at the top of the yahoo page and then just wont open the inbox, BUT if I go into the yahoo groups icon on top of the IE toolbar (as my custom app icons) it will show the contents of the inbox (whilst still logged into the corresponding yahoo email address) and if I click on a message it will show it but I get this "loading...." icon again if I click on reply, and it wont open up the "compose" template for an email reply, I cant figure out if this is a problem with the IE settings, or a problem with yahoo itself, as the Yahoo email address opens fine when I use google chrome browser, it didnt do this before when using IE with the yahoo homepage, its just happened in the last few days, and only with yahoo, as hotmail and gmail open fine with both IE and GoogleChrome, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

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