tools to 'audit' pc

  pookie 16:21 31 Jul 2003


do you know of any, perferably free, programs that when run will list both hardware and software on a pc and report the findings on a useable word or excel format. i would be using it on about 20 pc's ranging from windows 95 to xp pro. i need to set up an inventory of each machine. ideally software versions should be listed as well eg excel 97 or adobe v5.

many thanks


  Belatucadrus 18:56 31 Jul 2003
  pookie 15:45 07 Aug 2003

Many thanks and sorry for late reply.

First impressions, I am keen on aida32. I have read past posts on it and for a free download it looks very good. I'll have to figure out how to run it over a network and collect the results for quick analysis. However, I've only started to read through the instructions so it may be easier than I think.

Thanks again


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