Toolbar doubled in thickness?

  frenchman96 16:14 05 Apr 2008

Hi Guys

I must have pressed something as my toolbar has doubled in thickness (top to bottom) and even though I change arrow to 2 headed arrow, I cant change it, advice please.

  Ditch999 16:20 05 Apr 2008

Right click on it and make sue Lock the Taskbar is not ticked. Put the mouse at the top of it until you get the cursor with 2 arrows then left click, holding the button down and drag the cursor to towards the bottom of the screen. you can then right click on the taskbar and select the option Lock the Taskbar to stop it happening again

  frenchman96 17:01 05 Apr 2008

Hi Ditch

Thanks for answering but I did say in my post that I had tried that.

  Ditch999 17:09 05 Apr 2008

Apologies. Is it still like that after rebooting?

  Coffee Adict 17:13 05 Apr 2008

It will not work if you have something up on the screen, i.e. reading this and trying to do it, minimise first and then try.

  DieSse 19:38 05 Apr 2008

Personally I always run mine at double height. You get a full time - day - date display, and it's better if you have several tasks running - and the quick launch section and system tray take up less space.

The task bar should change height, whatever else is on the screen - mine does. (XP)

Is this XP or Vista?

Sometimes the quick launch bar can screw up the task bar size - try switching it off, then resizing and/or try resizing the quick launch bar.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:47 05 Apr 2008

Is it the task bar you mean? If so, right click on it to ensure that it is not locked and try again.

  MCE2K5 19:47 05 Apr 2008

"The task bar should change height, whatever else is on the screen - mine does. (XP)"

Vista Does as well.

  frenchman96 20:24 05 Apr 2008

Taskbar is not locked, I have since removed tick in start/properties/remove tick and that has returned taskbar to normal.

I have removed icons as I dont use them so all ok now. It has not solved it really because if I inserted tick for taskbar, it will return as double.

  Coffee Adict 20:24 05 Apr 2008

Mine refuses if there's something on the screen, having said that it takes about 6 attempts before I can do it anyway. Last week I accidentally put mine at the top of the screen, that was fun.

  lotvic 23:00 05 Apr 2008

I thought mine was refusing, then I realised I wasn't dragging high enough upwards (from single to double height)
It works whatever else is on the screen (XP pro MCE)

exactly which "tick for taskbar" are you meaning?

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