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took pc back to factory settings but windows 7 missing

  Daisy22 09:45 14 May 2014


I had to do a reboot of my daughter's French hp G72 and now it doesn't appear to show windows 7, windows 7 was on it before we even have the shop's W7 label but my question is how do I get it back?

I've looked in the D drive for recovery but nothing shows in there, would it be somewhere in the C drive?

We don't have a disc for restoring, just a key for microsoft 2010.

Appreciate any help.

  lotvic 10:25 14 May 2014

Please explain more. When you switch laptop on and boot up: Do you get a message saying something like " 'disk boot failure - insert system disk'"? (which means the BIOS setup can't find an operating system - W7 in this case)

Please tell us everything you did when you 'took laptop back to factory settings' and what now shows on the desktop screen.

  Daisy22 12:33 14 May 2014

On start up it doesn't show the error message of a disk boot failure

At the moment I am looking at a blue screen showing recycle bin, HP Support Assistant, Skype, Avast and google chrome icons

It has a grey menu bar at the bottom of the screen

All I did was go back to factory settings and it went through the process as normal

I haven't yet reinstalled microsoft office 2010

  Jollyjohn 13:07 14 May 2014


It appears you are the Desktop.

Press the windows key Select Control Panel System and Security System

This screen will tell you about your computer. Look at the list on the left and click on device manager. If there are any Yellow Exclamation Marks here you will need to install drivers but generally the recovery process does sort this out.

Run Windows updates. Install some antivirus software Install MS Office and proceed to set your computer up as you want it.

  lotvic 13:07 14 May 2014

It seems all the icons are not showing, before trying to alter anything try a reboot - shut laptop down then power up again and switch on.

If you can see recycle bin etc on the desktop it has booted up into Windows 7. Did you have to re-enter personal details, set language etc when it first started up? As it is French is Windows 7 all in French? or do you have the language packs installed?

What icons are on the grey menu bar at the bottom of the screen? Is the clock showing in the righthand corner in the system tray?

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