Too slow on internet!

  diddi.ash 17:48 12 Aug 2003

Can anyone help, I have windows 98 and just recently my computer has got a bit slower but very very slow when connected to the internet, could it be i need a new modem (its external)I've had it over a year now. Or is their something else i can try first?
many thanks if you can help!

  Djohn 17:57 12 Aug 2003

First thing to do is clear all your "Temp" files in windows, and the internet "Temp." ones as well, then close all unnecessary programs that are running, [just open them from a shortcut on desktop when needed]. Then do a "Defrag" of your hard drive. Doing all of above should speed things up some what. j.

  diddi.ash 20:47 12 Aug 2003

Please can you tell me how to do this, as im not experienced enough yet and dont wont to delete anything important!

  Djohn 21:34 12 Aug 2003

For your windows temp. files. click on your C drive then click on your windows folder, you will see more folders inside, one will say "Temp", click to open and delete all the files from there, except for any with the same date on them as the day you do it. [Windows just might be using one of those].

If there are a lot, instead of doing them one at a time, you can click on the edit button at the top, choose "Select all" then click on the file button and choose, "Delete".

For your internet files.

In Internet explorer, from the toolbar, click on tools, then options, you will see a section in the centre, "Temporary internet files", there will be a button to delete, click on this, it will delete all your temp. internet files only! You will not lose any of your settings.

For a defrag. First turn off your screen-saver then close down all running programs, [except explorer and sys. tray]. To do this you will need to use three keys at the same time, as follows.

Press your Ctrl/alt/del keys together and a window will open, Highlight one of these programs, [Anyone, except for the two mentioned above], then click on "End task", the window will close down and also the program you had highlighted.

You now need to use the Ctrl/alt/del. key again and go through the same procedure for each program. When you have finished closing your programs, do the following.

Click on your "Start button" bottom left of taskbar, then click on the "Run" command, a window will open, in this window, type the word.


Then click on OK or tap your enter key on the keyboard. Thats it, sit back and watch the drive defrag. It may take some time if it has not been done before. When it has finished, do a re-boot of your PC, and it will work much better.

Print out these instructions before you start, and don't worry it will work fine for you. j.

  diddi.ash 15:00 13 Aug 2003

Thanks i will try that now!

  diddi.ash 20:47 13 Aug 2003

thanks that has speeded internet up!

  Djohn 21:21 13 Aug 2003

Your welcome! pleased I could help. j.

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