Too much Windows 98 memory?

  Repairer 07:24 30 Jun 2006

I am running a dual boot setup with XP and 98SE with FAT32 file structure. I have just upgraded my memory from 768Mb to 1536Mb and when I try to boot to Windows 98 I get the message 'Insufficient memory to initialise Windows'
I seem to recall that 98 has a memory limitation but that a config.sys mod can work round this.
Can anyone Help?

  €dstowe 07:30 30 Jun 2006

I remember reading something about maximum memory for W98 on the Crucial site. This was some time ago but might be worth a search around there.

  Repairer 08:25 30 Jun 2006

Thanks for your response Edstowe (Ihaven't got round to finding out how to access the Euro symbol yet). I went to Crucial who directed me to a Microsoft answer which I haven't yet tried but since it deals with this specific problem I assume that it will solve it.

  SANTOS7 08:59 30 Jun 2006

€dstowe is correct 98se will only optomise between 310-360Mb, CRTL-ALT-4 will give you €, good luck...

  Simsy 09:33 30 Jun 2006

give "cacheman" a try. It's available click here

I am now using the xp version on windows XP, but the "ordinary" version, for 98 is still on the site. I used it for a long time on Win 98 and it worked well for me.

There is a good explanation of how/what it does.

The cost is $10... unless you really can't afford it, in which case there's no charge. A nice touch I think!



  SANTOS7 09:36 30 Jun 2006

click here
good info here,ref= vcache..

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