Too Much Security?

  Nick.A 18:33 13 Jul 2011

This is an identical question to one I asked a few days ago. I have running on my PC BT NetProtect Plus and McAfee Security Scan Plus, but also Microsoft Windows Security Centre, that has a firewall too. My question is, should I uninstall Microsoft Security Centre in case it conflicts with BT NetProtec and McAfee?

  bremner 10:12 14 Jul 2011


Thanks for the clarification.

To quote MS

"Security Center...checking the status of several security essentials on your computer, including firewall settings, Windows automatic updating, anti-malware software settings, Internet security settings, and User Account Control settings."

i.e. It is not in itself a Malware/Antivius program or Firewall.

To quote BT

"BT NetProtect Plus, our advanced security software in association with McAfee, helps protect against online viruses, hackers, spyware and identity theft"

It therefore seems to be the case that you only have one set of protection tools as the BT Netprotect and McAfee are one and the same.

I would therefore retract my earlier suggestion and say you do not have too much security, in fact as has been suggested I would add one additional malware application be it Malwarebytes or Superantispyware.

My final comment is that looking at it seems they charge £3.49 per month subscription to have Netprotect Plus ie an annual cost of about £42.

You can have equally as good cover using totally free products.

  Snrub 10:56 14 Jul 2011

I downloaded Superantispyware as a freebie on this computer about 12 months ago. There is a tick box to disable tracking cookies search which can be reached by right click on the icon/View Control Center/Scanning Control. I have noticed when Adaware tracking cookies are thrown up after a scan they can be quarantined and deleted but they always reappear after further sessions of browsing so it seems a bit of a pointless exercise to check for tracking cookies and may as well be disabled? Any views please?

  Snrub 11:05 14 Jul 2011

Quote Bremner 'My final comment is that looking at it seems they charge £3.49 per month subscription to have Netprotect Plus ie an annual cost of about £42' I think its just part of the BT Option2 package and is not cost itemised as such?

  bremner 11:45 14 Jul 2011


You are correct if the OP has Option 1 then the BT NetProtect Plus is extra at £3.49pm, otherwise it is part of the package. Sorry for any confusion.

  Nick.A 12:53 14 Jul 2011

@ Snrub, - to solve the problem of SuperAntispyware from running heavily on start up, I went into SuperAntiSpyware / Preferences / General and Start-up tab, and unchecked the first three tick boxes:

1) Start SUPERAntiSpyware when Windows starts.

2) Show SUPERAntiSpyware icon in systems tray.

3) Show splash screen on start up.

Un-checking these boxes have helped a little bit.

  Nick.A 12:59 14 Jul 2011

Thanks Bremner for your replies, they have been helpful. I shall reconsider my options with BT.

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