Too Much Security?

  Nick.A 18:33 13 Jul 2011

This is an identical question to one I asked a few days ago. I have running on my PC BT NetProtect Plus and McAfee Security Scan Plus, but also Microsoft Windows Security Centre, that has a firewall too. My question is, should I uninstall Microsoft Security Centre in case it conflicts with BT NetProtec and McAfee?

  Crosstrainer2 19:07 13 Jul 2011

I would ditch the BT stuff, it's truly awful, and may conflict with your Mcafee AV.

Your firewall should be left enabled unless Mcafee specifically asks that it be disabled. It's been a while since I used it but more information here:


If this is the product you have installed, then you need only supplement it with one of the free (not real time) scanners that you should update at least once a week, and run every couple of day's...You don't have to Mcafee is pretty good, but the free version of Malwarebytes can be downloaded from:

Malwarebytes Free

With the two kept up to date you should be fine.

  Nick.A 21:01 13 Jul 2011

‘BT NetProtect Plus’ is part of my home hub broadband package. BT NetProtect Plus is run jointly by McAfee and BT. I downloaded McAfee Security Scan Plus separately as an addition, but now wonder if it is pointless because BT NetProtect Plus has most of that anyway.

I downloaded the free scanners ‘Malewarebytes’ you suggested just the other day, and it discovered a couple of bugs. Then I down loaded the free ‘Superantispyware’, and that found loads more, but I think that last one scans in real time, so should I ditch that last one?

If I ditch the BT’s broadband package for their basic version, do you think then that with the 'McAfee Security Scan Plus' and 'Malewarebytes' I can also do without 'Microsoft Windows Security', for I’ve heard that it isn’t good to have more than one scanning security system.

  bremner 21:37 13 Jul 2011

Can you confirm what you mean by Microsoft Windows Security. Do you mean Microsoft Security Essentials?

  bremner 21:46 13 Jul 2011

You really should have only one anti virus program as they conflict with each other - It seems you have three.

Personally I would dump the BT and McAfee applications and have Microsoft Security Essentials, Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware.

This will use much less resources and give you more than adequate protection.

  Crosstrainer2 22:00 13 Jul 2011

As bremner says, you should have 1 antivirus scanner running in real time, up to date and scanned weekly. Superantispyware only works in real time if you have the paid for version. Although you see the icon, the free copy only scans when you tell it to.

As you have discovered, they have all found infections. I think you'd be better off ditching BT stuff, keeping your Mcafee, and, if you want to keep malwarebytes and superantispyware then as long as they are not the real time versions that's fine. They are both useful tools.

Sounds as though a full AV scan needs tomb done too.

  Nick.A 23:20 13 Jul 2011

Hi, Bremmer,

When I go into ‘Control Panel’ in the list there is something called ‘Security Centre’. When I open that up it says ‘Windows Security Centre’ which says that my Firewall, Automatic Updates, and Virus Protection are all on. – I presumed that was Microsoft Security Centre but, I’ve just realised that it isn’t necessarily by Microsoft because when I click on the Virus Protection dropdown it says that McAfee and Anti-Spyware is up to date etc. There is no mention of Microsoft Security Essentials in my Start/Programs list or in Control Panel, though I do get a spoof message from time to time, claming to be from Microsoft Security Essentials, saying that my computer is infected and that I need to download anti-virus ware from a dodgy site immediately.

And hi Crosstraine2 – when I run McAfee Virtual Technician it always says that no problems were found.

  Nick.A 23:36 13 Jul 2011

And Crosstrainer2 – you’re right, I have the free version of SuperAntiSpyware. I just thought it was running in real time because of the icon in the Status Bar.

  Snrub 00:34 14 Jul 2011

BT NetProtect Plus is McAfee and have it running with McAfee Scan Plus, Windows Security Centre and McAfee Virtual Technician without problems. I run Superantispyware free version without real- time scanning so use a lightweight program SpywareBlaster which has a real-time av protection.

All work together fine without problems although popular wisdom would say this is overkill. I wouldn't have chosen Windows Security Centre but it was there on the Windows 7 package and very occasionally kicks in if McAfee needs updating which it would do automatically every few hours. I have therefore decided not to uninstall it.

The only thing I am puzzled about is why Superantispyware runs heavily on start up and for quite a long period considering its not real-time? Superantispyware does seem heavy on system demand if viewed in Process Explorer and I do not understand why this is the case unless it carrying out a function of some sort which is not a manual scan. Perhaps someone knows the answer?

All this may be considered overkill but it runs compatibly. The only thing Superantispyware has come up with is Adaware incuding Adaware/PCA tracking cookie! These can't be considered as bugs but just a normal part of internet usage unfortunately.

  Snrub 00:58 14 Jul 2011

On futher reflection I can only think that the free Superantispyware is running real-time av scanning but not showing any results unless it is upgraded to the paid for version. Many software programs run the full package with bits blocked off when using the free version.

I am thinking about uninstalling Superantispware which is a good program and just downloading it if I suspect malware present to stop its heavy system usage overhead. Any views on this please?

I also use Malwarebytes which is a lightweight system usage overhead and works well but rarely shows problems.

  Nick.A 09:23 14 Jul 2011

@ Snurb. I have found exactly the same on my PC as regarding Superamtispyware. On start up it take a while for the icon to appear in the status bar, and until that happens I can’t do much else. The only thing I can think of is that I might have accidentally downloaded a trial version for a certain period, which might then revert to non real-time if I don’t subscribe when the time is up. How long have you had yours? Mine I’ve only had for a few days now, and on each manual scan it detects on average about sixty Adaware tracking cookies – that probably says more about my browsing though than anything else.

I didn’t know that tracking cookies were not bugs; but all the same I don’t like being spied on, and surely that is what these tracking cookies are doing, i.e. spying.

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