Too much RAM

  [email protected] 22:18 25 Apr 2007

I recently upgraded the RAM on my MESH Elite PC from it's current 2 X 256MB modules, to 2 x 1GB modules (which is the max I'm told can be installed). With the 2GB installed, the PC boots up OK, and Windows loads without problem. However, as soon as I start an application eg Firefox, Ad-Aware etc the PC crashes, with the dreaded blue screen telling me that the PC has found a problem and is closing down to protect itself.I removed one of the 1GB modules, and everything then works fine. Anyone know why the PC won't work with both installed.
If it's relavent I have an ASUS KV8-MX motherboard and an AMD 64 3000+ Model 12 processor.

  worldswizkid 22:31 25 Apr 2007

which one of the following are you using and are both the same (DDR400/ 333/ 266 DIMM)

  Totally-braindead 22:34 25 Apr 2007

Where did you get the memory?

Have you tried Crucial Scan My System and what does it say? click here

  [email protected] 13:42 27 Apr 2007

The new memory comes from click here in the USA. Both 1GB modules are DDR400 PC3200 DIMM.
I used the Crucial Scan at the very start to identify what my computer could use. Crucial suggested that I replace the 2 x256MB modules with 2 x 1GB, which is the maximum according to them that my system can take. i didn't buy from them because the american memory was under half the price, and arrived in about a week.

  donki 13:50 27 Apr 2007

From the sound of it you have a hardware compatability problem, are you sure the RAM you bought the exact RAM that Crucial suggested, or have the US company sent you the incorrect type?

  wee eddie 14:52 27 Apr 2007

So: Was it worth the savings?

  MrNerdy 15:00 27 Apr 2007

'the american memory was under half the price'
could be a voltage problem if it's usa memory?

  johndrew 16:01 27 Apr 2007

It has been said in these forums many times: cheap memory is often a false economy.

If you buy from a well known company like Crucial they provide excellent quality, good service and a cast iron guarantee. Unfortunately, if you pay a low price you can suffer problems.

  keef66 16:43 27 Apr 2007

It isn't going to be a voltage problem; psu's output 12v on both sides of the Atlantic.

I have read numerous posts where people have bought cheap ram, frequently off Ebay, and had problems like this and it turns out it's high density ram which seems to mean that you can't use all the mobo memory slots.

Any mention of high density with the ram you bought?

  [email protected] 16:48 27 Apr 2007
  [email protected] 22:13 30 Apr 2007

You've got it right. I've just received an email from the supplier saying that the modules are not compatible with my computer because they are high density. He has offered to give a refund, or I can exchange (for a few more dollars) for low density Buffalo 1GB modules.
Thanks to everyone for you help.

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