Too much RAM ?

  astronomer2 15:51 23 Aug 2004

Two weeks ago I upgraded from Win98SE to XP. No problem, everything running smoothly but as expected only about 90mb of my 256Mb RAM available. So yesterday I replaced the 2x126Mb sticks with 2x512Mb, double sided PC133s. 1Gb RAM is the maximum my motherboard will support in its two memory slots.

Now the niggles started.

The computer wont boot up at switch on and emits a loud long 'beep' and the screen is black. But it will boot up into XP if the reset button is then pressed. Machine seems to run OK from then on.

But then the system only shows 768Mb RAM onboard, as though only half of one of the RAM chips is working. (One of the 512Mb bars was new but the other is a few months old and on loan from work (to see if my machine would run a Gb of RAM.) Could the old 512 stick be half-working?)

Any suggestions?

  jonnytub 15:55 23 Aug 2004

Sometimes just using RAM from different manufacturers will cause problems.

  Xko 15:56 23 Aug 2004

Which motherboard make is it?

  Totally-braindead 15:57 23 Aug 2004

It shouldn't take too long could you try juggling the memory about, say try the 2 older sticks on there own and see what happens, then the 2 new ones on their own and finally the 2 old ones and the 2 new ones one at a time. That way you should be able to ascertain which if any of the chips is faulty.

  Totally-braindead 16:00 23 Aug 2004

Just had a thought some motherboards I'm sure insist on the higher capacity memory being in slots one and two and the smaller chips using three and four. Try this and see if it makes any difference. Post the make and model of your motherboard as Xko has suggested as the problem could be elsewhere.

  astronomer2 16:19 23 Aug 2004

Wow! Away from my desk 2 minutes and four responses :)

RAM is probably from the same manufacturer (bought as 'major brand' from Micro Direct in Manchester.

Can't say what the make the motherboard is until I get home tonight. Our IT manager read the manual that came with it and he thought (as the book said) it would run 1Gb as 2x512 RAMs. Unfortunately he went to the US on a two-week training programme last Friday.

I will try shuffling the RAM about. I have the 2x126's and I also bought 2x256s, just in case:)

I am sure the motherboard only has two slots for the 168pin RAMs.

Thanks all.

  Rayuk 17:19 23 Aug 2004

Try 1 512Mb a time in slot 1 if the memory is reported as correct try them in slot 2, although I would think its the memory rather than the slot causing the problem.

  buscrew 17:41 23 Aug 2004

some mobo's run okay on non ec ram until you try to run the maximum, when ec is required.

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