Too much music for iPhone...

  SirMetal 16:57 05 Sep 2010

Hey guys.

I plan to get an iPhone 4 when I have saved up enough money. I have a question however; if I get an iPhone 4 (either 16gb or 32gb), how would I go about putting my music on it? I have 50gb of music and about 30gb of video... how do you select which content to put onto it? Is it simple... or do I have to select the music and video manually? (I really hope not!).

Thanks in advance!

  Nontek 17:15 05 Sep 2010

Your iphone would no doubt include Instructions!!

All you need to do is read them.

  gengiscant 17:25 05 Sep 2010

You will need to install itunes,with which you can use to install your music and video's.
Although itunes can be a bit of a pain you will soon pick it up.
Lots of help here

  john bunyan 17:40 05 Sep 2010

Your music collection seems vast. What format is it saved in? How many tracks or tunes is there?
One of My grandchildren has an i Pod Touch, 32 gig.She has about 1300 tunes, taking up 7.6 gig, and 19 DVD films which, shrunk to about .9 Gig, take up 14.4 Gig.
As said above you need iTunes.Also a "Shrink" programme for the videos. It would probably be best to have "Playlists" of your music of , say, 10 Gig (in MP3 format at 128mbps ) Then manually shnch the iPhone such that you could change the playlist from time to time. Do come back with a specific query.

  john bunyan 17:47 05 Sep 2010

Sorry - should be MP3 at 128 kbps..

  SirMetal 18:25 05 Sep 2010

I have around 7800 songs, ranging from 128kbps to 312kbps (I encode my favourite albums at higher bitrates).

I have used iTunes for about two years to manage my music but I have never bought an iPod/iPhone before so I don't know how I'd go about selecting half of my music to put onto my new iPhone...

  john bunyan 19:54 05 Sep 2010

The point is that the main storage for your music will still be on the PC. I think there is a 64 Gig version of iPod Touch, not sure about iPhone. My other grand daughter and my wife have Classics with 120 gig.
What I would do is to have a separate 128kbps file for the iPhone. Then copy and convert the stuff you want to listen to on it to 128kbps - you can keep duplicates at higher bit rate for HiFi listening on other equipment.
It may be easier to create a seperate library for this - I have two. To do this hold down the shift keu whilst launching iTunes and choose "create new library". Each time you launch iTunes it will launch the last session unless you hold down the shift key to change libraries.
Then in the iPhone "library" you can create playlist(s) and drag and drop albums or tracts into them until you see the number and gigs getting to what you want. I would also set iTunes not to auto synch. Come back for more suggestions if you want!

  john bunyan 20:17 05 Sep 2010

BTW if you could get all your vast collction on the iPhone it would take about 3 weeks to listen to it, so surely a more modest number of songs would suffice?
If you prefer not to have a second library, just create a number of playlists and "tell" the iPhone which playlist to synch.(Edit/Preferences/Devices then check the box : "Prevent i Pods, iPhones & iPads from auto synch" Then click on iPhone and selet the playlist , videos etc you want to synch, then press synch.)

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