Too much majenta in Pictures - Epson 880

  swapper 20:13 29 Dec 2003

I have downloaded and installed the latest drivers and colour profile for my Epson 880,
cleaned the nozzels, changed the cartridges, use the correct paper, and have just about done everything I can think off?

My problem is that although my pictures print o.k. they have a tint of majenta in them, which I cannot seem to get rid of, any help please?

Someone out there knows something :-))

  swapper 07:26 30 Dec 2003

Minter, I use PSP7, the printer is not new (two years or so) I do not print a great many pictures, average two/three a month.
I seem to recall that this problem is not new, I have just accepted it, it is just that I want to print and give copies of my family to my family (a first get together).

I will look at the PSP settings (?) not quite sure how I do this.

short-circuit, The photographs look excellent on screen

  swapper 07:55 30 Dec 2003

After reading your suggestions, I could have kicked myself, I have not tried to print via another programme.

I printed the same picture with DiMage Viewer (it came with my Minilta camera).
The result is as good as I want it, no tint! and a good print.

So, my problem seems to be with PSP7, any ideas please? and thanks for the prompts.

  swapper 16:27 30 Dec 2003

Thanks minter, my photographs look excellent on screen but they print with this majenta tint, not a lot, but just enough to notice.

ennuye, thanks for this info, I will indeed do as you suggest and try Photoquicker and look at the settings you suggest.

I always use the same paper to print, I will get a different make and give this a try also.

  woodchip 23:04 30 Dec 2003

You should create a colour map in PSP7 and save it to just use in that program They nearly all have the option to create one you have to adjust the colours separate. It may take you a while to get it just right I had the Problem with an old Epson Colour Pro it did not do justice to green and put too much red on the images but the above corrected it

  swapper 21:08 02 Jan 2004

Thanks very much for the advice given, I will try everything suggested and come back next week :-))

  swapper 21:40 05 Jan 2004

ennuye - thanks for the "ink" link, I'll give it a try, as I will Photoquicker.
I think I have now resolved my problem, with the the help of everybody.
My colour profiles are now up to date for both my printer and monitor, and I have noticed a great difference.

I will now consider my problem resolved. thanks everybody.
I don't know where I would be sometimes without this Forum. :-))

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