Too many Tabs open?

  hawthorn59 20:14 19 Aug 2011

Hi Folks

I have a habit, when I find a page or site that I like, of opening it in a new tab and leaving it open. Instead of bookmarking it, I find that recently Im doing this a lot, and most of the time have up to 20 tabs open in Firefox 3. Is this a bad thing, ie would it make the laptop or browser run slower? Its very handy when you want to go back to a page.



  bremner 20:29 19 Aug 2011

Firefox 3 does not have the best memory management and each open tab will use RAM. So generally having this many open is to the detriment of your performance.

Open Task manager and have a look how FF3 memory usage increases with each tab.

  rdave13 22:02 19 Aug 2011

Not only that but there could be a security issue. A lot of open tabs with no input could be open to bad scripts once you go back to an idle tab.

  hawthorn59 03:57 20 Aug 2011


Was there a way of "managing" tabs or keeping them available, I thought I read it at one point....?


  octal 07:26 20 Aug 2011

I really think it's best to get into the habit of Bookmarking them, all my Bookmarks are subdivided into named folders to make life easier finding the Bookmark again.

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