too many copies of windows xp

  wollix 15:40 14 Oct 2005

I'm in a pickle
Windows xp went down and i tried to repair it from the disk
i had written the code on the disk and it didnt work
so i tried another from a friend and a third all didnt work though some appeared to and then wouldnt activate
in desperation i went back to my original disk and tried again varying any of the digits that i thought i might have misread and success!
it is now loaded on a c/windows and another copy on c/windows2 which i am in and using
there are three windows installations at the black screen before we start though only two works
i am now up and running but all the software is there eg winword but when i find it through a search and double click on it it comes up with "micorsoft excel has not been installed for the current user please run setup to install the application
ive got my office disks but cant find the code number for them so i am stumped
what i want to do is jump into my old files from the new windows
i dont want to have to reformat
ive got on line by going to a friend and networking through him onto the internet

  ventanas 16:59 14 Oct 2005

Three installations of XP on the same partition is a hopeless situation. Your "new windows" will never see the program installations on the original, and if you were to contact Microsoft for assistance with this they have just one stock answer - reformat your hard drive. I cannot understand why you tried other copies of XP, as well as being illegal it was bound to lead to this sort of problem. Also why was it necessary to write the product key on the XP disc. Its plain enough to see on the sleeve it came in.

So you have only one option - reformat, despite the consequences. If your cd came with your system (OEM) you can try the vendor for a product key if you still don't know it. If its retail contact Microsoft on 0870 60 10 100 and tell them your situation. The same goes for your Office discs. They are always sympathetic, and will ask a few questions, and if satisfied will issue new product keys. But, if there is anything "dodgy" regarding these discs I wouldn't bother. You will have to purchase anew.

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