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  Diemmess 18:37 07 Feb 2009

Would like some generic advice on dealing with oversized "C" drive.

Really aged friend whose main recreation nowadays is his computer, principally Photoshop CS2 and recently the "net"

There are rather a lot of us friends around yet I am supposed to have the computer rather than Photoshop answers!

He has a profusion of drives over huge internal and external HDs.

He tells me that his backup drives are scarcely used while C: continues to fill (28Gb yesterday)

It means a 25 mile round journey to bless his equipment, so I would like to have a cunning plan when I visit.

He uses XP home.
1) I intend to make sure he is using Acronis and where he puts the files.

2)In view of Acronis I see no reason to keep the older $Uninstall files?

3)Restore point space on my computer is default limited to 3000Mb; I never use it what should be his figure?
I intend to make sure he has installed SP3.

4)Ccleaner will be run and recover (I hope) a significant space,

5)I think I detected a hint that C:is endowed with all sorts of "Useful" progams some of which I may be able to install on other fixed disk drives.

What else can I do please?

  VoG II 18:43 07 Feb 2009

Re 2) I agree and see click here

  MAJ 18:52 07 Feb 2009

1. Good idea

2. Correct

3. I always had mine set to 2 or 3 percent.

4. I can only do good to get rid of some of the rubbish.

5. Not sure that will make a lot of difference, better to have the programs on C: for Acronis purposes.

"What else can I do please?"

1. As he uses photoshop a lot, make sure the Scratch Disk is not on C: drive.

2. Do the usual antimalware scans.

3. How much memory is installed?

4. Install Teamviewer click here save yourself a few trips.

  Diemmess 20:06 07 Feb 2009

Now that is really useful and intelligible response. Thank you

One more aside to me when he phoned:

"I have both Word 2000 and 2007!"
Excuse - "I now have to find things I used on 2000 and so sometime use one and sometimes the other."

Word is truly heavyweight and a chunk of space is there to be recovered. I will have to convince him to choose one and be rid of the other.
I don't know until I look, but he might have Excel or Front Page etc. as well.

MAJ he has 1gb RAM (I think) The only reason he asked about diminishing space is that now and again he likes to see what the free space is available. No warning prompts of low memory.

  MAJ 20:31 07 Feb 2009

Now, I'm slightly hampered here in the fact that I don't use a relatively up to date version of Photoshop, but in older versions, PS would use up to a maximum of 1.7 GB of RAM and would default to using 50% of available RAM, so updating the RAM might be beneficial overall.

Having said the above, I realise that you are not asking about RAM, rather you are asking about disk space, but I thought the above had to be said in any case.

It would be a good idea to move all his data files (which appear to be pretty large) from C: to another of the drives/partitions, with an extra backup on an external drive for safety.

Another point to consider, if he uses Hibernation and intends increasing the amount of installed RAM, he could turn off Hibernation, who's file size (hiberfil.sys) is equal to the amount of physical memory installed.

  woodchip 21:29 07 Feb 2009

First it looks like Restore is using a lot off is Disc Space Reduce the size it uses in Restore settings, Turn it of on all other drives as he should not need it. He only needs it turned on for is Operating System Partition.

Other things are Programs can be changed to save files within the Program Settings to other drives, Partitions, or Folders

% used for Restore depends on the size of the drive and stuff on the drive. mine is set to 8%

  Diemmess 17:59 18 Feb 2009

Having made an Acronis backup, I tried at the weekend to use PQ Magic to offer more space to C:
The program would not open properly so came home to reconsider.

A guess that there was no elbow room on C: proved to be correct and after recovering nearly a Gb by looking for and removing stray pictures and a program known only to his photogaphic friends, I did manage to run PQM today adding 6Gb to drive C:

It took nearly an hour to run, I was terrified he would have everything scrambled, but success,... he further reclaimed more space by deleteing all the old $Unistall files from Windows.

The session ended when one of his Photoshop mentors arrived. This one isn't quite ready to uninstalland reinstall major apps to other drives. BUT as they are happy so far and realise that C: must have some space for temporary files. I left them to it!
Thank you all for the help you gave.

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