Too Hot, very worried. help

  Jason Hobson 20:57 14 Jul 2003

I turned my pc on today and went into the bios, no real reason. When i opened up the hardware monitor and checked the temperature I noticed it was 75°C.

This made me VERY worried, as the temperature is usualy around 50.

The fan is still going around 2000-5000 RPM.

I took off the fan and replaced the cooling silicon ontop of the cpu and placed the fan back on, and here i am now.

What could be causing this heat as I am very worried, the computer is no older then 60days and there is no warenty as i built it myself.

There is nothing blocking the airflow infornt of the fans and there is air holes in most sides of the case.

Amd Athlon XP 2600+
Asus A7V8X-X
512mb DDR333 PC2700
Win XP.

  User-312386 21:00 14 Jul 2003

have you a graphics card?

You have to remember it has been very hot today, so there is little cool air

Have you got a fan in the back, to push the air out?

  STEVE71163 21:05 14 Jul 2003

I found that installing a fan sucking air out at the back has dropped my temperatures by about 5c but today it has hit 58c which i have never seen before.

  Gaz 25 21:06 14 Jul 2003

58 is fine. Start bothering when it reaches 80

  Jason Hobson 21:07 14 Jul 2003

Yeh i have a radeon 9700 Pro.

I turned the computer on with the case open and all the fans were running.

I dont have a fan on the back sucking air out, just the fans on the PSU, heatsink and VPU.

  jojo_1 21:15 14 Jul 2003

How many watts is your PSU, a minimum 400w is recommended for your card, plus I'd get a case fan.

  Jason Hobson 21:18 14 Jul 2003

PSU is 350w, but the place i baught it from recomended i had a 300w Supply.

  The Spires 21:19 14 Jul 2003

You really could do with a fan to pull air out of your case click here click here

  jojo_1 21:21 14 Jul 2003

Then they misinformed you, even my TI4200 wont properly on a 300w, and I agree with spires on the fan.

  woodchip 21:24 14 Jul 2003

It will soon tell you when it's too hot as it will freeze and corrupt files, my opinion is there is too much worry about heat if you had not been in to cmos you would not be worrying and wasting your time on hear, you would be using your computer. Set the CPU to shut down at 80c in cmos

Good advice, if there ain't no problem it ain't broke and if it ain't broke dont fix it!!

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