Too cold?

  taffyal 11:57 26 Jan 2004

I know overheat causes problems, but does cold slow things down? Up here in the mountain shack my temps are 41 & 26, & my PC has seemed slower these last few weeks-as have I!!Just wondered if I should get more heat? Al

  hugh-265156 12:50 26 Jan 2004

the cooler the better.heat is not good for computers.

  stlucia 12:51 26 Jan 2004

Generally speaking, your processors should work quicker if they're kept colder -- though I doubt anyone would notice the difference within normal day-to-day temperature ranges.

It's more likely to be something like your HDD filling up, or some background program (maybe uninvited) hogging your memory or processor.

  taffyal 13:09 26 Jan 2004

It probably seems slower cos Im sitting here freezing! Now installed a fan heater in my lair!!Hard drive is 40gig, only 4.5 used-really must be my imagination, just wondered about the cold-thaks. Al

  taffyal 13:11 26 Jan 2004

I meant "thanks" not "thaks"! Cold affecting me, anyway!!

  hugh-265156 13:22 26 Jan 2004

if you think it is running a bit sluggish then run a disc cleanup/chkdsk and defrag.also run your AV and mabye try spybot or adaware click here click here

you could also disable any uneeded start up programs.if you have a lot starting with windows it could slow things down a bit.

click start/run type "msconfig" click the start up tab and untick everything except your av and firewall and restart the computer.ignore the warning that pops up and tick dont show again.

and maybe disable or set to manual any uneeded services that are set to auto to free up some ram. click here

  taffyal 13:49 27 Jan 2004

many thanks- am running ME, but will try to free up some ram. Al

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