Tones from tower case on bootup

  ray27 09:31 27 Jun 2003

My old PC (an Intel 400mgz) on boot up used to emit a single tone from the tower base and I read that this was to confirm that everything was ok.

With my new PC ( an Intel 2.8mgz) it play?s a sequence of notes which seem to be different each time I boot up .

Everything seems to be working OK but just out of interest does anyone know what they mean?

  Aspman 09:51 27 Jun 2003

Depends on the bios on the motherboard. If you look up the relevant manufacturer website they should have details of the beep codes.

  mista 13:38 27 Jun 2003

Bios comes in basically three flavours:

AMI [American Megatrends],Award, or Pheonix.

Your bootup screen will tell you which you have.

When you've found which one it is , have a look here:

click here

  -pops- 13:52 27 Jun 2003

It would be best to check out any out of the ordinary startup beeps, even if everything appears to be OK now. It may be an indication of later problems or it could be telling you that, say, a RAM strip is not intalled properly and thus not using all the available facilities.


  ray27 13:53 27 Jun 2003

Thanks very much for the info

As I said there dosen't appear to be anything wrong but I have had my share of problems with this machine and I think I am becoming a bit paronoid.

  -pops- 13:54 27 Jun 2003

PS Is this your new Mesh that's doing this, Ray?

  ray27 14:13 27 Jun 2003

yup pops

but as I said I think I am becoming paronoid .

I think the reason I was getting the beeps was that I had forgoten to remove a cd-rw disk from the drive .

I seem to do this a lot, put it down to old age
I have rebooted without the cd-rw disk in the drive and the beeps were no longer there.

Everything seems to be in good shape since they changed the hard drive

Cheers Pops

  -pops- 14:33 27 Jun 2003

Good !!!:-)))

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