tones on boot up pt 3 In a galaxy far far away...

  ray27 09:30 28 Jun 2003

Mesh Elite 2.8 Windows XP Home

I am posting another thread as things have change from the last one .

I have rebooted a number of times and found out the tones I get vary in number it may be two or three or a series of notes .

They are not continuous tones but vary in pitch, like a little tune playing.
It sounds like R2D2 and CP30 talking to each other sometimes.

The system is only four months old and my system information states that my Bios are Award type.

Djohn suggested I check out the video , how do I do this?(please excuse my ignorance )

I have checked everything that I could and can?t seem to find anything that isn?t working but my knowledge is fairly limited so I may be missing something.

Is there any way I can check out my system without opening up the case as I don?t want to have Mesh come back at me stating that I should have called them first.

Is there a way of checking to see if all the memory is working?.

I have tried to call Mesh but all I get is that voice telling me how important my call is.

  AMD 4 ever 10:47 28 Jun 2003

Tbink Djohn meant the graphics card, ensure it is fully seated in the slot.

Are there any syptoms once it has booted to the desktop that you can describe as different ?

  professor 11:44 28 Jun 2003

ok heres whats going on...Win XP has a startup sound just like Win 95, Win98SE ect. and all thats happening is either the Win XP startup sound file has either not been applied properly or its become corrupted and all that needs to be done is it removed from the system, problem solved!

- remember its just a sound file nothing important so removing it wont harm anything, there is an outside chance that its not the Win XP startup sound file but your soundcard, in the latter case just get the latest drivers for it or uninstall the drivers youve got now and reinstall them.


  ray27 13:09 28 Jun 2003

No it isnt the sound card or the sound from the audigy set up
It is comming from the PC tower case and is a faint beeping sound.

It is definitly not comming from the speakers .

I thought that it may have been the fact that I was booting up before I turned on the monitor
as it seemed to be OK when you did a restart.

It has only made one beep the last couple of times I have booted up.

  professor 13:15 28 Jun 2003

just open up the pc and you will find the pc speaker sitting inside just pull one of the wires off of it for a quick painless fix dont worry normal sound will still work fine as it comes from either onboard audio or from a seperate souncard NOT the pc speaker


  ray27 13:25 28 Jun 2003

I am a bit reluctant to interfere with it as it is only 4 months old and I dont want to upset Mesh .

I just would like to now if it could be a warning that something is not right or if it was normal.

Everything seems to be working OK to my knowledge

May the force be with you

  professor 22:56 05 Jul 2003

it wont upset mesh its only 1 likkle itty bitty wire and they will just assume it must of been caught when the technician was building it.


  sil_ver 23:09 05 Jul 2003

When PCs are transported it's not unknown for cards to 'creep' out of their sockets so take the side off (you won't void your warranty unless you take a hammer to it) and check all your cards and plugs are seated properly.

  DieSse 23:28 05 Jul 2003

One beep on starting up is normal and correct.

More beeps are either a problem in the POST (Power On Self Test) - which yours is not if it boots up and runs correctly -

OR are a temperature or fan or DC power warning. If you have a lazy fan, or a DC power output slow in coming up to it's correct value, this would explain

a) why it only happens a few times and does not carry on

b) why it happens on first boot, but not on restart.

If it is any of the above, it will be difficult to catch unless you do a cold boot, and immediately go into the BIOS and look at the PC Health page - then you might spot which parameter is incorrect.

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