toner cartridges

  griffo 17:35 15 Jan 2004

I am very frustrated by the fact that toner cartridges cost nearly as much as a new printer (albeit bottom end quality printers). It seems that we almost need to throw away a perfectly good printer each time it runs out of toner. Even if we buy new cartridges, the disposal of the old cartridge seems scandalous, it is non-biodegradable and is ecologically costly to produce.
Don't want to sound too 'greenpeace' but this really bugs me. Is there a way to safely and economically refill the toner cartridges ourselves? We have brother HL1030 & HLP2000 plus an HP 1200 laserjet (which I can't see how to get to the plug to refill it anyway!)
Your opinions and help would be appreciated.

  Gongoozler 17:40 15 Jan 2004

Many charities will recycle used toner cartridges, for example click here.

  Sheila-214876 17:57 15 Jan 2004

Plenty of re-cyclers. Type "toner recycling" into Google.

  AndyJ 18:58 15 Jan 2004

I wouldn't recommend you mess about with toner yourself. It has carcinogenic properties and, whereas it is generally safe in normal use e.g. removing/fitting of cartridge, larger quantities should be avoided.

In reality, if you have a spillage or carry out a major clean of a laser printer you should use a special vacuum cleaner to avoid breathing in the dust.

  hector 911 19:21 15 Jan 2004

I worked on copiers and printers for decades, I found that trying to refill is not worth the trouble, unless you know which toner to get for which m/c, you will lose print quality, and may even damage your printer.
many laser consumables include a drum & cleaning blade, which only do a certain amount of copies before quality gets worse.
even recycled is not the answer.
Laser printers are not the same as ink printers

  Pesala 21:51 15 Jan 2004

They are reckoned to have the lowest running costs by quite a margin.

I would recommend refilling toner cartridges yourself. It can double or triple the life of a cartridge, sometimes with some loss of quality, but not always.

Epson EPL 5900 cartridge (100 gms toner) = about £80

Refill Toner (450 gms) = £36 click here

I find refilling is easy. Just be careful when pouring it, and stop breathing, or wear a mask.

Ask Manx if they have suitable refills for your machines.

  griffo 10:15 16 Jan 2004

many thanks to all who replied. We will recycle and thanks to Pesala for the link to cheaper suppliers than we currently use.

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