TomTom power...

  Simsy 10:10 24 Sep 2008


I've just bought a TomTom. I'm intending to use it next week in the USA...

Just a simple question, which I suspect and hope the answer to is "Yes"...

Are the cigarette/cigar lighter sockets in US cars the same as over here?

If not what does anyone suggest as the best alternative for powering/charging up the unit while I'm there?

Thanks in advance,



  TonyV 10:18 24 Sep 2008

I bought a home charger unit for mine. This works well because the battery only lasts for about seven days or so when it is not in use. This figure was confirmed by TomTom when I contacted them about the short time the power lasted when it was not in use.

However, like you, I suspect the answer to your question is "Yes"!


  Simsy 10:25 24 Sep 2008

The home charger thing had crossed my mind, and if I have to that's what I'll do, but I want to avoid any more outlay if I can!



  TonyV 10:29 24 Sep 2008

OK. Have a good trip!


  sinbads 10:33 24 Sep 2008
  EARLR 10:41 24 Sep 2008

U.S. cars are 12 Volt same as European.

Have fun in the colonies.

  Simsy 10:46 24 Sep 2008

I knew the voltage was the same, but I wasn't sure about the mechanics of the socket being the same.

The link sinbbads has provided seems to suggest that I wont have a problem.

Many thanks all.



  sunny staines 11:40 24 Sep 2008


not sure which tomtom you have but mine lasts several weeks at least 4 without use no problem.

i using an early go700.

perhaps newer ones have poor batteries.

  Simsy 12:30 24 Sep 2008

but I do expect to use it a lot whilst on holiday... (it would seem silly not to!)
It's a One XL Classic, bought from Ebuyer for £120.

I guess, like most batteries it seems, that it will hold charge better after a few cycles.

Thanks for the info though!



  BDon 15:18 24 Sep 2008

I used my TOMTOM 910 last year in the power socket of the car OK.
Will be using it again very shortly.
TOMTOM was great especially navigating round LA and Frisco.
Have a great time.

  Bagsey 16:37 24 Sep 2008

Hi. You can stop worrying about the power supply in the car and just go and enjoy your trip.Your Tom Tom will get you there.

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