TomTom My Drive Connect....repeated failure

  commute 12:36 04 Feb 2018

Trying to do an update of maps om Tom Tom sat nav via their tool TomTom My Drive Connect ; logged in as needed and selected required updates; problem is their program is constantly failing and crashing ;plus once you start the process all you original maps are gone!! Mt y question is has anyone had a similar experience with the my Drive Coonect ap? Sad part is I now have to go and buy a new sat nav!! Any clues anyone or is their ap in your opinion ..useless? Of interest I am on a new build Windows 7 with all updates on; any help or info appreciated

  Govan1x 13:01 04 Feb 2018

Maybe your one is on here that updating has been stopped.

Click Here

  wee eddie 13:55 04 Feb 2018

Try uninstalling the TomTom Software and then re-installing it from their website

  Forum Editor 16:59 04 Feb 2018

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  compumac 17:41 04 Feb 2018

I have used My Drive and had exactly the same problem.

I spoke with TomTom helpline and they advised resetting as per click here also click here this did not appear to work and TomTom advised to leave the TomTom for 48 hours and it would function correctly. I did think that that was a load of codswallop but after 48 hours the TomTom was back to being fully functional.

You could always contact TomTom helpline who are very good.

and Initially

  compumac 18:50 04 Feb 2018

I should have added that the update map download downloads to your PC and that download file may need to be deleted before trying to update again.

  alanrwood 19:26 04 Feb 2018

"Maybe your one is on here that updating has been stopped."

The ones that have ceased to update are the ones that used TomTom Home which was based on Windows.

The newer version, TomTom My Drive, is based on Linux and is the biggest load of carp going. Frequent updates of map changes (Not full map updates) and speed cameras used to take about a minute on the old system and now take upwards of 12 minutes for a total file size of around 5MB. Yes they do fail more often and when they do there is not a simple restore function as in the old system. I will be going Garmin next time when they cease to support my Go 6000.

  compumac 20:55 04 Feb 2018

I would state that I also imagined that I would have to buy a new Satnav but did not.

Do try TomTom helpline.

  commute 20:57 04 Feb 2018

Many thanks for all your contributions

I actually did a bit of searching on the Tom Tom site and came acrossenter Sat Nav extra links I used the first link in the first post and the exe did the trick!! I am now fully updated;

1]: [click here

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