TomTom 5 Navigator...Can I do This

  Klof Ron 15:52 25 Sep 2005

I am thinking of purchasing this from click here# but it comes pre-installed on a 128mb SD card. As I already have a 512 card with some applications installed, I was wondering if I could copy the contents of the supplied card onto the PC and from there onto the SD card that I have. Theoretically it should be possible, but has anyone done this, or opinions as to feasibility of proposal welcomed.

  Stuartli 16:03 25 Sep 2005

Don't see why not. You should be able to copy the software from the first card and then paste it into the second after swapping them over (I presume you will be using a card reader).

  Klof Ron 16:08 25 Sep 2005

Sorry should have explained better, I do not have a card reader, But my iPaq is connected via a USB cradle. What I planned was ti install the new card in the iPaq, copy over the complete card to a temp folder on the pc, swap back the cards in the iPaq and then copy and paste to the 512 mb card in the iPaq. Having said all that your comment about the card reader seems to be the best option and as they are cheap as chips now I will buy one and do it that way.

  Stuartli 16:11 25 Sep 2005

Website that may prove of interest:

click here

(Offers free speed camera database plus, if you tack on the add-in program (CheckPOInt), it sounds alerts when using TomTom Navigator and GPS. Currently 5,398 cameras being watched).

  Stuartli 16:16 25 Sep 2005

Know very little about the HP iPaq but assume, rightly or wrongly, that it would work just as well for making copies as using a card reader.

  LAP 16:22 25 Sep 2005

We use Tom Tom's at work. Use USB cable, download/copy the contents. Remove the memory card and replace with yours and upload back to the Tom Tom.

BUT the one you are looking to purchase; have you seen/tried one? We had one of these on trial they are very small and fiddly to use. Not like the original ones.

  Klof Ron 16:24 25 Sep 2005

Thanks for the link, very interesting, and for the opinion. I also think it is possible to do what I am suggesting, but it's nice to get some input from others at times. Will click as resolved now and thanks again.

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