Tombraider Legend - best way to save games

  cowgirl66 11:22 13 Oct 2007

I'm having great difficulty working out the Checkpoint autosave in Legend. When I progress after the last checkpoint and maybe kill a few mercenaries, I want to save the game at this point. But when I reload the game I am taken back to the last checkpoint and have to kill them all over again. What is the point of saving manually, if the game loads at checkpoints each time?

Please help if you can as it's driving me potty!

  Legolas 16:17 13 Oct 2007

I played this game for a while but gave up and the problem you mention was one of the reasons.

As far as I know it will always resort back to the last checkpoint and as you say it makes the manual save a waste of time

  cowgirl66 18:14 13 Oct 2007

Thanks for that, Legolas; I can see I'm going to have to make the most of health packs and weapons if I'm to survive in the later stages of the game.
Very frustrating, yes.

  umbongo(uk) 18:24 13 Oct 2007

lol cowgirl wait till u reach the lava casam you,ll be screaming blue murder

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