Tom-Tom Virus

  birdface 11:42 30 Jan 2007

There are that many owners of Tom-Tom who up-date it through their computers ,Pca show this on their front page,click here May be if you are having problems with your computer, This may be the cause.

  p;3 11:50 30 Jan 2007

there is no comment on that either of anyone attempting to recall the appropriate items for replacement is there? or are they really not that bothered?

  birdface 12:03 30 Jan 2007

No,They dont seem to care,You would have thought that they may have put a fix for it.Maybe if they fix it the Tom_Tom will not work,I would have Thought that they would have recalled it,Or at least warned their customers.I use it,But I have it in my Mobile so it does not affect me.

  Aargh 12:07 30 Jan 2007

There is a software upgrade available which seems to fix things

  birdface 12:18 30 Jan 2007

Hi,Thanks for that,I was just wondering about all the customers that have used it,And did not know that they were infecting their computers,I presume that Tom-Tom actually contacted their customers then,

  Confab 12:19 30 Jan 2007

click here


  birdface 12:23 30 Jan 2007

I just entered it on here as a warning to users of Tom-Tom who had no knowledge of it,If they have upgraded their software now,There is no need to keep this thread open,And will class it as resolved.

  birdface 12:37 30 Jan 2007

Nice one,That will bring all the Tom-Tom Customers up to date,Thanks for that.

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