TOM TOM boot up problem (TomTom1 v3)

  johnpalmer 13:29 19 Jul 2010

My TomTom will now not start.

I had just downloaded from TOM TOM, the latest map update that was available.

After installation, the TomTom kept 'freezing' on me.

So I used TomTom home to restore my GPS to a previous back up.

Now when I turn it on, it shuts itself off almost immediately.

I can connect my GPS to my computer, and can operate it from TomTom home, so I know all the software is still there, including favourites etc.

What can I do to sort this.

Help anyone.

  northumbria61 13:35 19 Jul 2010

Search Q & A or contact Support from here - click here

  northumbria61 13:41 19 Jul 2010

** In rare cases, your TomTom device may not start correctly or may stop responding. If this happens, try resetting your device. The only information lost on your device is the clock’s time zone setting **

You could try RESETTING your Device from this page. - click here

  northumbria61 13:45 19 Jul 2010

"Now when I turn it on, it shuts itself off almost immediately"

Make sure your Device is fully charged. As you have your device "backed up" to your computer you won't lose anything by resetting - the problem lies with the Device itself. If you removed it from your computer whilst still switched on or writing to it this may have caused the problem.

  johnpalmer 14:33 19 Jul 2010

It was fully charged, and I disconnected from the computer, when TOMTOM Home advised it was OK to disconnect.

I didn't turn it off first, and I have never been told this was necessary.

Will try the reset when I get home.

I did back up the device, removing the new map.

How do I re-install the new map again.

  northumbria61 23:25 19 Jul 2010

Once "up and running" again you should be able to download your map again TOM TOM HOME - either via "Add Maps" or "Update my ? - (your device)

I have a GO 520 Traffic but it should be the same.

If you mean you were installing a new map then clicking on "Add Maps" should get you to what you want or if it is just "Updates" you are wanting select "Update my --- (Device)

  northumbria61 23:30 19 Jul 2010

Further - When you have your Device in the docking cradle to connect to TOM TOM Home I always either switch it off BEFORE I remove it or Right Click on the "Safely Remove Hardware & Eject Media" Icon in the taskbar (next to the clock) You should really do this with any device connected via USB.

  northumbria61 23:32 19 Jul 2010

"I didn't turn it off first, and I have never been told this was necessary."

I have only done it once when I first purchased it and had to set it up again. Sat Navs to tend to be temperamental.

  johnpalmer 06:54 20 Jul 2010

I have had the GPS (TomTom1 ver3) since 2006, and have not had any previous problems.

The download of the new updated map from TomTom started the problems of 'freezing', so I restored to the previous map version, and that's when it would not turn on.

I followed instructions from web site, as suggested by you, and eventually had to do a full FORMAT of the devise, and re-install, which worked.

I have lost all my favourites, but I can gradually replace them.

Thanks to all.

  northumbria61 07:33 20 Jul 2010

Well the good news is that you now have a working Device. Did you not have a backup on your computer and if so could you not restore from their which would have included your favourites ?

Here is an interesting article - click here?

  johnpalmer 14:20 20 Jul 2010

Yes, I did have a backup, which I restored, and that's when the problems started.

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