Tofger virus infects iesearch.exe

  Tweakster 10:53 21 May 2004

Hi everyone. Can anyone advise me on how I fix the following virus? PSW.Tofger.BB which has infected iesearch.exe on my system running Windows 98. Can I delete iesearch.exe given that Internet Explorer is iexplore.exe?
I'm aware of the sophos website but it does not provide sufficient recovery information.

  curlylad 11:30 21 May 2004

This seems to be a Trojan Horse that exploits a vulnerability in Internet Explorer.Firstly I would download and run Spybot , you can get it here click here Go to the bottom of the page and click on the download next to spybot 1.3.
I would also visit click here to download the patch to stop this vulnerability being exploited in future.

  curlylad 11:36 21 May 2004

Sorry about the second link , try this instead click here;en-us;330994

  curlylad 11:39 21 May 2004

Strange , that isn't working now either , click my second link then in the search bar top left hand corner type "330994" , without the quote marks and when the page opens it is the top link on the list.

  curlylad 11:47 21 May 2004

Me again disregard my microsoft links , it seems I have posted the wrong numbered article that you need .If I find it then I will post back.In the meantime go and check on the Microsoft site for critical updates , the patch you are after will probably be here.

  Tweakster 12:08 21 May 2004

I'll try what you suggest. I look forward to the patch download link if you find it. Many thanks!

  curlylad 12:50 21 May 2004

I can't seem to find the download link. However I have found the article number and if you go to click here and in the top left of the screen info bar type 833242 it will give you a link to where you can order the patch on CD-ROM.

  Tweakster 14:47 21 May 2004

Thanks. I've ordered the security update CD. I'll leave this thread unresolved until I've implemented the patch.

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