Dazwm 21:43 08 Sep 2003

Has anyone heard of Toast. I think it is a program that tells you how hot your computer is. If this is correct where can I find if not can anyone recommend a program that does.

  BarryKeith 21:45 08 Sep 2003

Do a google search, if it exists, it will turn up.

  Dazwm 21:48 08 Sep 2003

Thanks, I've tried that to no avail thats why I have done this post!!

  mark e 21:48 08 Sep 2003

aida 32 or belarc advisor, one of these should do the trick

  Dazwm 21:50 08 Sep 2003


  muppetmark 21:51 08 Sep 2003

try speedfan from click here will tell you how hot things are getting

  -pops- 06:30 09 Sep 2003

Toast was a CD burning program of some years ago.

Named, I would think, by someone with a similar sense of humour to the person who named the Nero program.

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