*.tmp files

  ray27 18:26 08 Jul 2003

Is it really safe to delete *.tmp files by using the search function in Windows XP Home .

I have just read in a magazine that you should periodically delete all these type of files .

I use Norton Utilities fast and safe clean up and thought that that would take care of all the junk that you don?t need.

However when I ran the search programme I found about half a dozen files marked as .tmp still on the system ( one of the file?s stated it was modified in 1999 )

Any advice would be welcome

  Lú-tzé 18:31 08 Jul 2003

They can be deleted as long as no applications are running that might be relying on them - eg a word processor. For that reason I usually delete any that are older than 1 day.

  Ironman556 18:36 08 Jul 2003

TMP files are temporary files created by a program and should them be cleared when the program closes. Some programs just don't clear up after themselves properly, others may crash and leave tmp file behind. It should be safe to delete these, if there's ever a file I want to delete but I'm not sure about it, I create and move it to a different folder. If things stop working then I'll put the file back where it came from, if everything's ok after a few days I'll delete the folder.

If you're unsure though then don't delete. TMP files are often very small, and almost negligable in size when compared to the hard disk they're kept on. As you're running XP I assume you've got a fairly recent system and that you've probably got a fairly large hard drive.

  ray27 18:26 09 Jul 2003

Thanks for the advice as there are only 6 temp files and I have a large hard drive I will leave them alone and play safe

  Jester2K II 18:32 09 Jul 2003

Or use Supercleaner click here to search and clean them.

  ray27 18:45 09 Jul 2003

I have disabled the preview option in outlook express as I read it was possible to be infected by a virus if it was enabled.
Since I have done this I seem to be getting a lot of dodgy Emails which I was not getting before.

One was from a Lilly Burger another was from a Linda asking for help another was offering to make a certain part of my anatomy larger and there were others that were complete gibberish.
Am I getting them because I disabled the preview option or is it just coincidence?

Needless to say I deleted them without opening them so I don?t know what they where about.

Any advice would be very welcome once again

  Ironman556 21:15 09 Jul 2003

You should start a new trhread for a new subject.

It's totally coincidence. Disabling the preview pane is a good move, leaving it open will cause the email client to open emails to give you a preview, therefore opening you up to virus' and junk.

Another thing I usually do is to disable "read reciepts". If you're using Outlook 2000 then go to Tools, Options, Email Options, Tracking options, and set it to never send a response. Other versions of Outlook should be similar and other programs should have the options too. That way if an email does get opened accidentally then it is unable to respond to tell the sender your address is active.

I also use Mailwasher from click here. It lets you see the mail you have before actually downloading it. you can delete junk before it reaches your PC and if you get loads of junk makes download time for mail much quicker.

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