TitanBackup - Cover Disk158 (Sept)

  chas&mad 18:45 17 Jul 2008

Help! I installed TitanBackup from the cover DVD. It now restarts the computer whenever I logoff. It refuses to uninstall. I even bought a copy of PerfectUninstaller to rid myself of the problem but this has failed to remove the program.

To shut the computer down I have to turn it off at the wall socket!

  johndrew 19:31 17 Jul 2008

How have you tried to uninstall it? If the program is running it must be stopped prior to uninstalling. Find it in All Programs and see if it has an Uninstall icon; if so use this. If not Right click the icon in the Taskbar and select `exit/stop/end` or whatever to stop the program and then uninstall via `Add/Remove`.

  chas&mad 19:59 17 Jul 2008

I tried the programs uninstall file, I tried Program & Features - uninstall (Vista), I tried Perfect Uninstall TWICE (forgive the shout). Using 'program/features- uninstall) I get the error message- "could not open INSTALL.LOG file" - PerfectUninstaller thinks it has uninstalled the program but log-on and there it is again!

  bluto1 21:39 17 Jul 2008

Hang onto your hair (if any left) and the Cover Disc Editor may come along to the rescue. I can't help, I've not got Vista.

  chas&mad 23:02 17 Jul 2008

Are you monitoring my webcam? I am not bald, I just have ingrowing hair!

Unfortunately the disc editor is on holiday!!

  johndrew 09:49 18 Jul 2008

Have you tried a further install over the top to repair the program?

  chas&mad 20:23 23 Jul 2008

I have managed to remove Titan Backup with the help of the 'tech' guys at Perfect Uninstaller who sent me a specific update (which still did not work). Then I saw that it was recommended to uninstall Norton in Safe Mode, so I tried that for Titan. Bingo!

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